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What's the fascination with skulls?

For Halloween of 2017 we launched a collection called skulls.

Everything from skull clothing, skull candles, skull jewelry, skull decor and skull accessories.

The collection was meant to be seasonal and we assumed that very quickly after Halloween that sales of this collection would decrease and they did.

Until spring of 2018 when there seemed to be a renewed interest in skulls. 

Correlate with search data. 

We wondered if people were getting a head start for next halloween but that seems too early.

So we emailed a few people and asked what made them purchase from us.

We received consensus on only two answers.

The answer was, for personal altars. A section of the home where you keep photos, keep sakes and cherished items of yourself and of those you treasure in your life. 

The candle represents the light of those have died. The light still carried for them in your heart. The reminder of life, death and birth, our cycle.

The skull represents the shadow, the dark side, death, rebellion, oppression and freedom. It has been co-opted by counter culture movements for thousands of years to symbolize their struggle, commemorate those who passed on and the fearless to embrace death as a part of a life worth living.

Contemporary culture has yet again reappropriated the skull in popular culture through icons of rock and roll, fashion, and non-conformist lifestyles.

 Whatever the reason you have why a skull fits for your home or life, enjoy it. 

Here are the top five most popular skull items.

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