Influencer Program

Are you a social media influencer looking for an additional passive revenue stream?

Much More Decor is a home decor and products ecommerce platform that has over 10 distribution channels and receives over 1,000,000 unique impressions a month.

Have you ever wanted to launch your own product or brand?

... That’s a lot of work and could require a substantial capital investment. What do you know about pricing, logistics, manufacturing? Hopefully a lot, but in case you don't there is an easier way.

You are good at marketing you.

We are good at sourcing high margin, private label products.

From housewares to fashion and more, we can help find a product for you to brand.


Some examples of brand-able products.

Yoga Parnts

Apparel, such as yoga pants that help shape and contour the body.

Exercise Products


Home Decor


Health Products

back mat

Beauty Products

Refa Carat




Furniture Modern Chair 

How does it work?

Let’s assume the product, say yoga pants has an MSRP of $50.

We brand the Yoga Pants for you, i.e. your collection.

You market the product through your social media platform, customers buy through our social media or our website. You receive 25% of the final sale price on the item without having to do anything else.

In this example, for every pair of pants sold through your refferal you receive 25% of $50 = $12.5 per sale.

Our sales funnel analytics tells us that we should have a 2% to 6% conversion rate on items geared for our Influencer Program.

Calculate your Potential Earnings

How many impressions do you get per post? Take 2% of that at a minimum to see how much you could earn per post.

2% of 1,000 impressions  is 20 sales, at a minimum of $10 profit per sale that is $200 for a 1000 impression post.

  • $2000 for 10,000 impressions
  • $20,000 for 100,000 impressions
  • $200,0000 for 1,000,000 impressions

These numbers are only potential earrings. The quality and engagement of your audience will factor into what you can expect in conversions. I’m sure you have calculated this for yourself on past promotions.

You can brand or mention the product however you think is best for your audience. You can post as often as you like or as infrequently as you like. You only get paid for sales, we trust you to control your own marketing strategy. However, our marketing team is available to help guide you on some best practices should you request it.

You can browse all our collections to get ideas on the types of products you would want to market. Or if you have an idea or style, we work directly with thousands of manufacturers and find exactly what you're looking for.

To learn more about our Influencer Program fill out the short form below.


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