Hip Trainer Muscle Stimulator - Much More Decor
Hip Trainer Muscle Stimulator - Much More Decor
Hip Trainer Muscle Stimulator - Much More Decor
Hip Trainer Muscle Stimulator - Much More Decor
Hip Trainer Muscle Stimulator - Much More Decor
Hip Trainer Muscle Stimulator - Much More Decor

Hip Trainer Muscle Stimulator

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Do you know that feeling when your butt feels tight, toned and strong? 

How would you feel like that all the time? 

The Stimu-Hip Trainer gives you a work out while you go about your day.


The way our muscles work is by firing off electrical impulses. These impulses tell the muscle what to do, contract, expand, etc.

Stress on these connections and exertion or fatigue on the muscle, breaks down muscle tissue so it can be healed even stronger. 

This is why people exercise.

Consistent exercising and eating a healthy diet are the only magic tricks to developing a good physique. 

There is no substitute for actual exercise in this regard.

However, it can be difficult to find the time to regularly exercise. Even if there is, there are also excuses. 

In times like this, it is good to at least do something. 

This is where the Stimu-Hip Trainer comes in.

It uses the same technology used by top beauty experts in the world. 

There is no big secret to the fundamental science and technology behind why or how this works. 

An electrical impulse is stimulated by the device, the frequency and amplitude of the charge changes the way the muscle behaves.

It can stimulate exercise without the mental energy.

Your muscle simply contracts and releases flexing it.

That's it. Squeeze and clench your ass right now. Do it, hold it as hard as you can for 2-3 seconds then release. How does that feel? Did it feel like you did something?

This is an example of isometric exercise, where you use the body's own force to exercise.

Imagine doing this for 15-30 minutes a day, effortlessly without having to do anything. Having your body just do it for you automatically?

What affects do you think it would have on your butt? How much do you think it would improve it's strength and shape?

This same technology is sold in $5,000 dollar machines like, Z Y X.

You can see an example of this machine being used in Vice's Biggest butt in Brazil.

Why are those machines so expensive? Because they do many things well. Just one of these machines can be programed to any frequency, intensity, etc and used for a variety of beauty treatments. It's versatile, it can treat crows feet, cellulite, burn away fat, tone muscles, etc. 

You see many fitness models on Instagram using these types of machines. Links to women

The difference between those and the Stimu-Hip Trainer is that this device was only designed to do one thing. Work your butt, that it. Everything has been programed specifically with the aim in mind to tone, strengthen and shape your ass.

Material: PU + Hydrogel
Power(Battery): 3V/ CR2030(Not Included)
Pulse Rate: 25Hz±10%
Pulse Width: 400μs±10%
Adjustable Intensity Level: 15 Levels
Countdown Time: 23mins
Controller Size: approx. 4.0(D) * 1.1(H)cm / 1.6 * 0.4inch
Pad Size: approx. 17 * 19.5cm / 6.7 * 7.7inch
Type: Fat Burner